Charlie and Mary Helen Stark Memorial Library
Unitarian Universalist Church
Victoria, Texas

The library catalog is now available online! Click this link to access it: Catalog

LibraryThing is a web-based catalog service that allows us to provide a library-quality online catalog. You can search the catalog by author, subject, ISBN, date, and title.

          What's more: you can search this catalog from any computer that has web service. Since LibraryThing is a service that hosts many library catalogs, we now have access to catalogs from other churches, universities, GLBT centers, bookstores, and personal collections. You can find these groups and more on our profile page.

About the Collection:

          Our collection includes books that aid in spiritual growth for a deeper understanding of one's self and one's role in the community, that further understanding of church programs and values, and that support the needs of the ministry. We make an effort to acquire titles that may not be readily available in local public libraries or bookstores, and that are of particular interest to Unitarian Universalists and UU Church of Victoria members.

Library Team: (insert photo)

          The library is run by a group of volunteers. The team oversees the purchase and cataloging of library materials, as well as library operations and service to UU of Victoria Church.

Check Out:

         Checking out books from the library is self-service. The loan period is two weeks and members are limited to two books at a time; you may renew library materials. While there are no fines for overdues, we ask that you return library materials on time. Borrowers with long overdue materials may receive a friendly reminder by phone or email.

Book Requests:

         Requests for books are always welcome - you can leave a note in the library of contact any library volunteer. We try to honor as many book requests as budget and appropriateness for the collection allows. It can take up to three weeks for a book to be ready for check out.


         Gifts of books and monetary donation are always welcome, and will be judged for addition to the collection on the same standards for book selection as those purchased. Gift books not added to the collection will be used to benefit the library or other programs at the church.

Questions? Contact the Library Team:
Lisa DeVries - [email protected]
Laurie Neuerburg - [email protected]

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