Victoria, Texas

Church Mission and Covenant Statement

         The purpose of our Church is to provide a welcoming, spiritual community for people who share in the values expressed in Unitarian Universalism for individual worth and dignity, reason, justice, inclusiveness, religious freedom, right of conscience, and respect for the interdependent web of life.

We live out this purpose by:

  • Having a regular, formal program of visiting ministers lay speakers, discussion circles, and. religious education.
  • Providing a forum for free and open inquiry where people can share and exchange thoughts, ideas, and beliefs in a safe, respectful, nurturing, environment.
  • Facilitating lifelong spiritual growth and the mutual search for truth, meaning, and purpose in our lives.
  • Supporting causes and organizations that benefit the life of people in the broader community.

As individual members of this community we will:

  • Respect each other's opinions and beliefs.
  • Help each other celebrate life's joys.
  • Provide support and understanding for each other during difficult times.
  • Be open and inclusive to all people regardless of nationality, disability, gender, race, age, sexual orientation, and social or ethnic background.
  • Be generous in assisting with what needs to be done and encourage others to participate in both Church and community support.


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