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Suggested Readings on Unitarian Universalism

One way to learn about Unitarian Universalism is to read some of the books which are available on the subject. One source of books is the Unitarian Universalist Association bookstore in Boston MA. Credit card orders may be placed from 8am to 4pm central time at 1-800-215-9076. The following is a list of recommended books:

Unitarian Universalist Pocket Guide
William Schultz, ed.
Essays by contemporary Unitarian Universalist offer a wonderful introduction to the UU beliefs, practices and history.
100 Questions That Non-Members Ask About Unitarian Universalism
by John Sias.
Culling questions from people outside the religion and from both present and former members this book summarizes UU beliefs, customs, history, statistics and more.
Our Chosen Faith
by John Buehrens and F. Forrester Church.
A concise introduction to Unitarian Universalism, featuring a useful chronology of UU history.
Black Pioneers in a White Denomination
by Mark Morrison-Reed.
Using stories of two Black ministers, this book traces the pain and the difficulties experienced by all.
A Stream of Light
Conrad Wright, ed.
A look at five generations I Unitarian thought from 1805 to 1961.
The Larger Faith: A short History of Unitarianism
by Charles Howe.
A history of the struggles and evolution of the Universalist denomination.
The Jefferson Bible
by Thomas Jefferson.
The Christian bible as edited by Jefferson for his own use, focusing on Jesus' teachings rather than divinity.
Three Prophets of Religious Liberalism
Conrad Wright, ed.
The major addresses by Channing, Emerson and Parker which shaped early 19th century Unitarianism.
On Being Human Religiously
by James Luther Adams.
A look at religion's ties to everyday life by one of the greatest Unitarian theologians.
If Yes is the Answer, What is the Question?
by George Kim Beach.
Invites readers to ponder their own liberal religious commitment. Beach demonstrates how religion illuminates the real issues of the late 20th century.

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